Friday, August 23, 2019

UziMatic Nice Album Music now

Artist & Page name title: UziMatic

UziMatic is an independent rapper coming from the Caribbean. UziMatic name comes from the ability to shoot and record fast in the studio and wasting no time. He is not a machine gun but a rap machine hence the name UziMatic. Born March 1st 1989 in CuraƧao, UziMatic is a product of his environment and even though he is from a small island his big dream is worldwide success with music.”

UziMatic just released a new music video called Family from his EP 5Triple9. The track Family is a track close to his heart as he speaks about the love he has for his Family.


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Very Good Jonah Melvon

Name: Jonah Melvon Location: Oakland, CA Name: Jonah Melvon Location: Oakland, CA Website: IG: FB: Twitter: Spotify: iTunes:

Bio: Over the generations, the San Francisco Bay Area has been breeding grounds for some of the most revolutionary music to ever be released. Dating way back to the futuristic funk of Sly & the Family Stoneall the way up to Too $hort, E-40 and Mack Dre, that cool Northern California flavor has consistently created the newest innovations in urban music.

Keeping true to the tradition of making classic material, Bay Area native son Jonah Melvon is initiating the most cutting-edge musical movement to emerge from the region in decades. With his spanking new album Rain Water Project and a whopping three new singles “What’s Good for You,” “1099” and “Thinkin of You,” this multi-talented rapper/singer/songwriter is rapidly rising to the top of the charts.

“My music is raw. It’s lyrical; it’s socially conscious. If I’m rhyming or singing, it has a lot of depth in it. It has some level of healing, some level of consciousness,” he explains. “My music is the Bay. The Bay lives in my music.”

Born in San Francisco to a mother who migrated from New Orleans and father from Chicago, Jonah moved to North Oakland with his family before he could barely walk and raised in a quiet, middle-class area known as Lake Merritt. And while his two-parent home was stable, the same couldn’t be said when he ventured away from home.

“I played sports, and sports took me everywhere. I was playing ball in places like East Oakland, and it was very scary,” he laughs. “A part of that was this area we used to call The Village, where I played baseball in a neighborhood that had crack houses behind me. So I’m 12 years old in left field, nervous if something was going to go down.”

He continued to play baseball and football all through high school and even played a season at a local junior college. He would not delve into music, however, until his sister and cousin convinced him. His sister Adesha was an aspiring singer who had made quite a name for herself locally and needed someone to produce some music for her.

So Jonah and his cousin lent her a hand and started producing tracks for her. He wouldn’t start making his own music, however, until a few years later when he was attending San Jose State University. He met a couple of guys who believed in his music and suggested he record his own sounds. Jonah took them up on the offer, and before he knew it, he had cultivated a local following. Before it was all said and done, Jonah had recorded eight demo CDs and made a hefty profit selling them hand to hand.

“My dreams were cultivated in Oakland. My discipline was cultivated in San Jose,” he reflects.

Riding the momentum of his popularity, he released his first full-album in 2009 called This Is the Year. To promote his music while earning some steady income, Jonah assembled a live band called So Timeless. And over the few years, they paid the bills by playing at local clubs, weddings, parties and anywhere else that would book them.

They played with the likes of R&B star Miguel, Goapele, Ledisi, T.I., EPMD, Black Eyed Peas and Heiro, just to name a few.

“You can make a living playing seven nights a week in the Bay,” says Jonah. “We got hired a lot, so we got lost in making money, which is a good problem to have. But I knew that I couldn’t continue doing cover tunes of other people’s music if I wanted to concentrate on my own branding.”

So Jonah stepped down from the band, started another company Left University and landed a job as a songwriter for a music label. But when he wrote a song that charted on Billboard, Jonah came to the boss and asked for either his publishing rights from his music or a bigger check upfront. When the boss declined his offer, Jonah jumped ship.

“Most people don’t want you to have equity in business,” he divulges. “Once I started asking about equity, there was a problem. Everybody was making money off me but me.”

Now with all of that behind him, Jonah Melvon can finally concentrate on building his own brand. With a charisma that cannot be defined, old school soul and a message mixed in with his mesmerizing melodies, his music draws people to him with a familiar flare that makes people fall in love with his smooth swag. And he puts his talents on full display with the recent release of full-length album Rain Water Project and three lead singles “What’s Good for You,” “1099”and “Thinkin of You.”

“I knew I had to do my own music when so many people kept coming up to me and asking, if I had any of my own original work,” Jonah explains. “This is what the people have asked for, which makes this process even more special.”

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Red Tan-Don't You Dare! Smart

Artist Name:Red Tan Page Title:Red Tan-Don’t You Dare! Red Tan-Don't You Dare! Being alone in an unfamiliar environment inspired me to write about my strength and confidence. I’m a young widow and single mom. Depression and anxiety hit me and has been a challenge, but putting it to writing (and singing) strengthened my coping skills. “Don’t You Dare!” aims to inspire everyone to use the challenges, failures, criticisms, rejections and even mental health setbacks as stepping stones to rise up and do more to achieve their goals. That’s exactly what I did and I thank these circumstances for helping me become a stronger and better person. For bookings and inquiries: FB/TW/IG/SC: @redtanofficial

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Good Classic Car Show Kuwait

@karenina.martawita twitter @karenmartawita _________________________________________________________ Hi guys, i want to show you a lot of of vintage cars show in Kuwait, the show event located in Kuwait Tower. Mostly the old car displayed at that time come from American brands, such as ford, chevrolet, chrysler and etc. If you cannot watch the show you can go to Kuwait car museum as well, there are also a lot of classic car presented over there. Kuwait car museum located at Shuwaikh Industrial Area, Block 1, Street 49 . hope you enjoy the video!!!

Friday, April 5, 2019

Love Song The Don Kap

The Don Kap Music has always fascinated people in every era - irrespective of their gender, age and ethnicity. Since it does not have any language, speakers of every language can listen to it. If we take a closer look at the growth of the music industry, we will learn that while every industry sees a stead growth, music industry has changed drastically over time. There is a lot of difference between what we used to hear before and what we hear today.

The major reason for this difference is influx of new talent in this industry. Every music composer who enters the music industry is talented in their own way and they feel no hesitation in experimenting with different music types. As a result, we get to hear unique The Don Kap Music compositions every time a song or an album is released.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Listen Song Music Murc Jones hip hop


At the early age of 12 Murc Jones made the decision of making hip hop his #1 priority. This artists name is Cary Edwards and in this brief summary I will be stating facts and tell you about him, and the history of him as an artist. It all started in the 5th grade in the back of his math class he states '' I will never forget''. He was writing songs into his notebook, when all of a sudden he had gotten caught by the teacher and he took my verse off my desk and read it in front of the whole class'' is what he stated. He felt so embarassed,and from that moment on he knew that hip hop and himself had a bond that couldn’t be broken. Moreover from there on... he kept on rapping eventually till he turned the age of 29. From New Jersey born in Livingston, raised in Newark, lived in Irvington, and Woodbridge but Murc represents all areas of New Jersey. He also lived in New York for a year or two. ''It’s not where your from its where you’re at'' is what he stated. Murc also has 2 daughters ages 6 and 8. But he has performed at a couple of areas in New Jersey and one in New York. Murc has performed at an open mics at ‘’Cagneys’’ in Sayereville, ‘’Fire N Ice’’ in Fords, and most recently Public Assembly in Brooklyn NY, he is also looking for many more to come. In high school his mic name was Murder Murc, and as his style had diversified and progressed he had fans drop the murder from his name and changed it to Murc Jones. He felt that the name murder couldn’t be used unless you truly are a murderer and that he is not. So In that case the murder had to go, ‘’out with the old and in with the new’’ he quoted. So to conclude paragraph two, Jones was added to the Murc to represent the change of himself as an artist. The reason fellow artists and fans called him murder murc was because he used to diss alot of other artist and truly was never beaten, not to be cocky because he is a really humble and down to earth person. When Cary first became Murc it was a name that he felt he had to take on as a new artist on the scene.

Alot Of People Proclaimed and state that since he didn’t know anyone in the hip hop game personally he was never going to make it in the music industry and break as a new artist. So from that moment on Murc made it my mission to keep making mixtapes and songs until major record labels noticed him. All I can say is that this young man will not stop until he reaches the top. What Even Inspired him to join the rap game and hip hop scene was all the lyrical artists, I will only be naming a few. Notorious B.I.G, 2 Pac, NAS, KRS One, Eminem,Cassidy, Fabolous, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Method Man, Jadakiss, Styles P, and so many more'' says Murc Jones.His Favorite rapper overall is Cassidy, his favorite new artist is J Cole and himself. Ever since Cary was young he always liked the way just a rapper could express his or her feelings or emotions and just convert it into a track…he feels that is truly amazing. Moreover that is what inspired him as a rap artist, which caused him to create and develop his own style. So in conclusion to this brief biography of Murc Jones that is everything that made the history of his rap career. No matter what anyone says everyone is destined for success it’s just based on however you go about the situation and if we put our minds to it or not. Hard work pays off, patience is a virtue, and greatness is a decision.

Instagram - @murcjonesnj Facebook - Murc Jones Twitter - @murcjones Website - Spotify - Itunes - Soundcloud - Audiomack-

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Trend Pretty Pitcher - 100% Me

This Is Pretty Pitcher's official visual to his single "100% Me" Which Is on his forthcoming Ep "Patience Is Key". You can stream/purchase this single on all music platforms, apple music and itunes links is available below. Artist: Pretty Pitcher Song: 100% Me Label: Money Family Ent FOLLOW US: Instagram: @PrettyPitcher @Eastcoastroc @Chaingepicasso @Shotbyphase Snapchat: Pretty_Pitcher Facebook: Pretty Pitcher Twitter: @PrettyPitcher